FocalPoint Products and Services

Which products do I offer to my clients?
  1. World-class, multi-media, interactive workshop courses. These programs cover all topics of time management, sales strategies, leadership, team motivation and professional development. They are taught in 1-2 day sessions or during 12 months. Audio narration of the courses (USB or CD) is available to the participants for sustained learning and behavioural changes. Please see our website for a comprehensive overview of courses.
  2. Professional business coaching. The popular and sought-after coaching programs are presented via iPad apps during one-on-one facilitation sessions.
  3. State-of-the-art hiring and performance appraisal online assessments. These include EQ, DISC, Workplace Motivators and Sales Skills assessments plus team assessments. All are used to help companies determine exactly which areas to focus on for their training needs.
  4. E-learning online modules. All the courses are available from the learning portal Online Advantage; this transactional, PayPal system is another revenue source.

The programs have been developed from 35 years of extensive research and they are proven to attain immediate and long-term results. They are custom-designed to appeal to all adult learning styles. Our programs have over 5 million graduates worldwide and we continually receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants. Clients achieve a superior ROI which leads to repeat business and referrals.

Operating Your Business

What training and support will I receive?

We provide you with all you need to launch your own professional business coaching and corporate training business, enabling you to get a fast start and generate an early return on investment. You will attend a 6-day induction session where you will experience the training and coaching programs, become familiar with the products and services in your toolbox, gain an understanding of FocalPoint and the industry, and develop your business plan.

You will be fully trained as a capable facilitator of the professional business coaching and training programs. After your comprehensive induction training and some practice, you will be ready to win business. All aspects of preparation for training with an organisation or business owner and the necessary follow-up will be covered at the induction week so you will be totally prepared. Your support is ongoing and includes regular team calls and an annual conference.

What is the time investment required to run a successful FocalPoint franchise business?

You control your own time. Your time investment will vary depending on whether you are engaged in the business full-time or part-time. The flexible nature of the business is part of its appeal. You may desire to grow your own training company with a team of salespeople and facilitators. The choice is yours. A successful franchisee enjoys meeting new people and is committed to making consistent calls, networking and having weekly meetings with decision-makers who can benefit from your products and services.

Can I work from home?

This is an ideal work-from-home business because training is done at the client’s workplace. A coaching session can take place at the client’s office or a local café. A serviced office with boardroom access is another option, providing flexibility for your business to grow.

Where do I find clients?

This is an area we focus on at the induction training and with the ongoing support. There are many avenues for obtaining clients and a successful business operator will use all sources including networking groups, alumni associations, social media, work colleagues, professional organisations and contacts, social clubs, business associates, advertising, prospecting and referrals.

Do I need previous sales experience?

All businesses need to sell their products and services. You can benefit from the outstanding content of the FocalPoint programs which you will have at your fingertips. They contain the world’s best sales strategies and techniques. If you do not have previous experiences in sales, you can learn all you need to know with the FocalPoint sales programs. Alternatively, you can hire someone else to generate sales for you.

Start-Up Information

What are the set-up costs?

Typical office equipment is necessary including a computer, printer, telephone, and AV equipment. For those new to operating their own business, there are establishment costs including: registering a company, website domain, individual business IP such as business cards, stationery, etc. We are pleased to offer advice on your start-up requirements.

What are the ongoing expenses?

Monthly management services fees cover access to resources, innovations, IT updates, lead generation activities and continued support. Other expenses include attracting new clients and operational costs. Workbooks for each participant of a training class can be ordered when the client has paid a deposit so there is no need to hold a volume of stock. The coaching programs are on iPad apps so only require an iPad.

Return on Investment

Can I earn residual income?

Most definitely. An excellent option is to wholesale programs to larger companies that have their own training departments. They are often looking for quality content to develop their staff. This means that you would train the in-house trainer at the company and the organisation becomes your client. When the trainer requires inventory, you earn a residual income on their orders. You also have access to the Online Advantage e-learning portal. This can be a supplement to training or a stand-alone service you can offer. It is secured with PayPal and funds are cleared to you monthly.

How long does it take to start generating revenue?

Of course this varies depending on factors including how active the individual is, as well as their past skills and experience. An active franchisee should aim to run their first training program within 30-60 days following the induction training.

You May Be Wondering…

Why not just develop my own training programs?

Some individuals have previously considered this and concluded that it requires a great deal of time and money to develop one program, let alone a set of 10 plus programs (which is necessary for repeat business and a comprehensive offering). It is also difficult to compete with content quality from a well-respected leader who is widely-regarded as the foremost authority in the industry. New programs would not have the advantage of market recognition, brand credibility and established reputation. With a substantial track record and well-researched content, the FocalPoint complement of programs provides you with a fast start and a solid foundation on which to grow your business.

How long is the franchise agreement?

Depending on your region, it is typically 7 years and generally no charge for renewal.

Can I sell my business?

Yes. We simply need to approve the purchaser.

Is this right for me?

Thank you for taking the time to review these Frequently Asked Questions.

We are looking for self-motivated, experienced professionals who want to control their own time and income by owning a FocalPoint professional training and business coaching franchise. If you think this could be the right fit for you, please contact us right away for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are an innovative thinker with a knack for business and you want to build a solid financial future, then take the next step and find out more about this excellent opportunity.

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